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Popping is a dance form derived from a grouping of dance forms known as funk styles. It is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer's body known as a pop or a hit. The dance is executed on the beat of the music laying emphasis on the force of music's beat. Popping is commonly performed to funk music as the majority of funk style foundations originally came out of the funk movement of the 1970s. The Electric Boogaloos, a California based dance crew are commonly credited for contributing to the spread of funk styles including popping into the mainstream. Their appearances on the television series, Soul Train was a driving force for its exposure domestically and eventually worldwide thus leading to its acceptance into many dance scenes including hip hop and electronica. Popping contains a series of movements and techniques that serve as the foundation for the dance form. Most of these movements and techniques reside within...

also known as



Lil Mama G-Slide

The G-Slide is a dance created by Lil Mama that is described in her G-Slide (Tour Bus) song. As s...


Gliding, often grouped with floating and sliding, refers to a set of dance moves that focus on il...


Bucking, also known as Jookin, Choppin, G-Stylin', short for Gangsta Stylin', is a dance form de...

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